Hawlik Health Products

Hawlik Health Products has been dedicated to the cultivation and processing of Chinese medicinal mushrooms for more than 40 years. Appreciated by therapists and private customers alike, our range of dietary supplements has become established throughout Europe. What began as pioneering work 40 years ago has developed into one of the most technologically advanced companies on the market for medicinal mushrooms. As a leading manurfacturer, we offer following medicinal mushrooms as powders, extracts, liquids and capsules in our onlineshop.

DRONANIA pharmaceuticals GmbH

  • Contract manufacturing phytopharmaceuticals & dietary supplements
  • Ready-to-go product portfolio
  • Product development
  • Medium-sized to large batches

mycotrition GmbH

A finished product is only as good as its ingredients. The cultivation and processing of medicinal mushrooms under impeccable environmental conditions are of the utmost importance as high-quality, controlled raw materials are the prerequisite for outstanding products.

  • Raw materials & contract manufacturing
  • Sale of raw materials & contract manufacturing (dietary supplements: small batches)

Funghi Vitalia

Our Italian customers have been familiar with the Italian online shop for many years. The product range covers the popular medicinal mushroom products, which have been tailored specifically to the Italian market.