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Medicinal Mushroom Supplier

The range of raw materials from mycotrition GmbH includes high-quality powders, extracts and pre-filled capsules of the most important medicinal mushrooms. In addition, there are exclusive branded raw materials (Reishi Triterpene Max, Cordyceps CPA3, and many more) that round off the portfolio.

The extensive analysis of the raw materials is among the best in the industry today and guarantees the highest level of product safety.  Each batch goes through a multi-stage quality assurance process with an external test by an independent laboratory and the internal analysis of the mushrooms for authenticity using the "fingerprint" method.

Whether for further processing or for your own trade: mycotrition GmbH is Europe's leading wholesaler for medicinal mushrooms.

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Best supplier for medicinal mushrooms: Mycotrition GmbH

Ingredients on stock

We offer unique ingredients for the supplement industry:  From acerola to zinc, you can get vitamins, minerals, amino acids, plant substances and much more from us in the highest possible quality. Whether for retail or in our own products: the raw materials used are always accompanied by a certificate of analysis that confirms compliance with legal regulations.

Our raw materials are checked for their identity and quality. In the process, chemical, physical and microbiological contamination is primarily checked and evaluated according to strict criteria.

We have over 1500 raw materials in stock, which enable you to produce your high-quality dietary supplements quickly and efficiently.