Analytical service

Many years of experience make us a competent partner for analytical services. The HKS health solutions provides comprehensive analytical services in the physical, chemical and instrumental analysis of pharmaceuticals & supplements.


Analytical services

Our company laboratory can develop analytical methods for you and carry out all relevant stability and release tests according to ICH specifications. Our experts analyse your raw materials or formulas and will let you know from the beginning whether your ideas can be implemented in the final product. You will also find out in what aspect the physical properties of your products can be improved. Our technological know-how enables us to offer practice-oriented solutions or suggestions for alternatives – many times already during the first conversation.

We test materials for their identity, possible contamination, determine the physicochemical and physical properties, and safety in compliance with the GMP guidelines. Moreover, we tailor our processes to your specific requirements to make laboratory documentation, reporting and data delivery as efficient as possible and to ensure high quality.

Analytical service

Overview of our services

  • Instrument-based analysis (HPLC / GC / SEC)
  • Spectroscopy (ATR-IR spectroscopy/UV-VIS)
  • Microscopy with electronic image storage
  • Pharmacopoeia analysis (Ph. Eur.)
  • Enzymatic processes
  • Thin-layer chromatography


On-going stability tests, which have been mandated since June 2006, are a further quality control requirement for pharmaceuticals. In addition to the stability tests relevant for approval, every pharmaceutical company is now obliged to subject at least one of the produced batches of each product to a new stability test every year. Our quality control laboratories are perfectly suited to this task.